Thursday, 31 March 2016


Finally it's spring. Cherry blossoms are bursting towards peak bloom right now and it's just so exciting! I've just got a roll of film developed and loaded a new one ready to shoot all the sakura blossoms. So I thought before it gets all pink I'd share some of my latest film shots of my space. I hope everyone enjoys the season the way that is perfect for each of you!

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I love having Renilde's works (mobiles, potholders and cushions) in my shop, Hanna's illustrations are very enchanting too. Mary's beautiful photography post cards... I really enjoy having works of the lovely people I have met through this blog♡ 

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Monday, 1 February 2016


Yellow is my favourite colour especially in cold winter as I see it as a sign of spring - end to the cold. Uplifting! Mimosa right outside my shop started to bloom weeks early this year as we had strangely warm weather at the beginning of this winter, I thought they must be regretting for popping out too early but they seem to be doing pretty well and there is a little bit more of that yellow now each day,  will be so much more in the coming weeks. Enchanting!

February to me is a special month, I like to think that January is the time to prepare for the rest of the year and I can start from here now feeling all fresh. Maybe it's just a poor excuse for letting the first month of the new year go without really fulfilling much of the new year resolutions.... Well anyway, I am excited for my new year starting today!

Happy February!

Photos are from the always special mina perhonen kyoto store.

Monday, 2 November 2015


Today more than ever I feel so thankful and spent my day thinking of all the happy faces and kind gestures so many people have performed on me and my shoppe in the past 3 years . My physical store turned 3 today, I could never imagine it to come as far as here, especially in the first 2 years when keeping positive thoughts often seemed the hardest thing. I've had so many ups and downs but I could make it through because of everyone who supported in all possible ways from near and far. It feels almost miracle but I always saw a tiny light of hope in every compliment someone gave me with the kindest words or in the glow in their eyes, when you know they mean it it becomes the best gift to wish for. When someone personally recommended to their friends who they think might enjoy my store, that also really touched. I am a very lucky person obviously but I hope I can also be the one to give as much love as I receive. My journey will go on and I am ready to challenge what's more to come.

photo by kazuhiro terauchi for The Weekender (big thanks to maria!)

Included in an amazing Tokyo guide by Michelle & Steve - TOKYO PRECINCTS
Included in one of Isabelle's 53 favourite addresses of Tokyo.


Saturday, 17 October 2015


sakura spring 2015
sakura spring 2015
sakura spring 2015
sakura spring 2015
sakura spring 2015
sakura spring 2015
sakura spring 2015
sakura spring 2015
sakura spring 2015

I know it's October now not April, we are going into Autumn and not Spring. Even though my life has been crazy Spring did exist and I did enjoy it and I did document a bit of it with my camera, so here they are, this is from my favourite time of year to be in Japan. Cherry blossoms sakura, how magical you are to turn this entire city so dreamy all at once. This spring I went to enjoy sakura in Chidorigafuchi Park around Imperial Palace with my dear friend Ros, it was breathtakingly beautiful. So perfect. I always wish they last longer but they don't and that is what it makes it more special. We all know it, it's all in our soul and it is so special to us. I hope you don't mind me sharing these photos after so long, if anyone is still out there to come see my blog that is though. Thank you for coming to check if you did and I wish you a very happy autumn! (or Happy Spring!)!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Kawai Kanjiro's House

Old and beautiful things, houses and architecture always attract me so much. If it is hidden away on a narrow backstreet it's perfect.

Kawai Kanjiro is a Japanese master potter, sculptor, calligrapher, designer, poet and writer who is also known as a key figure in the Mingei (Japanese folk art) movement in the 1920s. In the Kawai Kanjiro's House, which is Kanjiro's home made into a museum, it shows the incredible beauty that he lived with. The garden, a little tea room and a big kiln at the back are all inside this wonderful gem of a place and I was deeply struck with admiration... Could easily spend the whole afternoon here but the cold January weather (of Kyoto!) and the lack of time helped us end our exploration.

Kawai Kanjiro's House Website (Japanese)
Kawai Kanjiro's House information on Welcome to Kyoto Website (English)


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