I haven't visited my own blog for so long, and why does it happen when I have deadlines for some work submissions coming up that I finally post something. It seems to be the way it is.

I stopped having "new years resolutions" but still, I will try to go back to the basics, all things I used to really enjoy - photography and movies. New roll of film loaded as soon as 2017 started. Already seen 6 movies. Feeling inspired. So far so good.

Photos are from the beautiful Happoen garden in Meguro/Shirokanedai. Peaceful place if you go on the day when they do not have 30 weddings a day(!)

A really dreamy place we stayed in Fitzroy, everything is so beautifully and thoughtfully decorated, everywhere you look is picture-perfect and amazingly inspiring. It is one of the four beautiful houses a Melbourne interior stylist Lynda Gardener offers, this one The White Room Fitzroy is in a lovely neighbourhood so convenient and close to all the cool spots to explore.  She has just opened The Apartment St. Kilda which also looks really amazing, in a 1920s art deco building. I just wish we were staying here for a holiday sleeping in an enjoying drinks in the garden etc!! Next time!!!


federation square


Another typhoon is hitting Tokyo this morning, my July (and August) also seems to have came and gone almost like a typhoon.

This July marked 7 years since I started UGUiSU, and in this special month I was lucky enough to have made my long time dream of having a pop up shop in Melbourne to come true. My last visit to Melbourne was 7 years ago so it had been a long time, when I first moved to Melbourne was something like...almost 20 years ago so, that is like another lifetime. Scary.

I am also realising that it was right after my last trip to Melbourne when I decided to start this blog (which then led me to start UGUiSU), I did not care if anyone would read it or I really thought no one would be interested but I felt I needed to use English more to keep it up so I made this blog and started posting some photos and blurbs. Maybe no one saw them but my first posts were actually Melbourne. (It's sad that this beautiful hotel I stayed is no longer there.)

I was just super crazy busy during my trip but I did enjoy some really great food and places so I will start posting about them!


sakura at yutenji temple
sakura at yutenji temple
sakura at yutenji temple
sakura at yutenji temple
sakura at yutenji temple
sakura at yutenji temple

My favourite place to see sakura in the neighbourhood, Yutenji-temple. Enjoying it quietly and peacefully with my camera avoiding crowd is my kind of ohanami. Because of the weather how it got quite chilly after starting to bloom, blossoms stayed longer than usual this year which was nice. No blue sky in the background, but I actually love photographing sakura on cloudy days, don't you think it looks extra pretty?

sakura at yutenji temple

Finally it's spring. Cherry blossoms are bursting towards peak bloom right now and it's just so exciting! I've just got a roll of film developed and loaded a new one ready to shoot all the sakura blossoms. So I thought before it gets all pink I'd share some of my latest film shots of my space. I hope everyone enjoys the season the way that is perfect for each of you!

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I love having Renilde's works (mobiles, potholders and cushions) in my shop, Hanna's illustrations are very enchanting too. Mary's beautiful photography post cards... I really enjoy having works of the lovely people I have met through this blog♡ 

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